Mouth Dissolving Films Machines

Oral Film Casting Machine

tick Continuous Film Casting machine is designed to produce Pharmaceutical grade 'Mouth Dissolving Film' in Lab Scale , Pilot Scale and Production scale with variable thickness from 40 to 80 microns.

tick It consist of a set of roller arrangement for holding and smooth movement of substrate and caste Films. Set of heaters inside drying chamber to heat air Low system which dries the Film.

tick Coating assembly to coat continuously on a substrate Film with solutions or dispersions in variable thickness with accuracy 500-900 microns thickness adjusting mechanism by viewing a built in thickness indicating micrometer dial.

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Film Slitting Machine

tick It is un economical to make small width Film. Hence commercial size to be made and it is to be cut to required width.

tick Slitting machine converts the mother product reel to several small width child reels as required for further process.

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Film Packing Machine

tick Umang Pharmatech Pvt. Ltd.’ s USTP-50 K is a Four Track Automatic Strip Packing machine.

tick The entire Assembly is visible from outside. It ensures that, there is no place for hidden debris and product contamination. Tool-less change over and Film loading is possible in this machine.

tick Laminated Film unwinding roll & Packing foil unwinding rolls can be loaded / unloaded from the front side by simply sliding on to respective roll shafts. The speed of all the rollers are controlled by PLC and Dancing roll Sensors.

tick The Human Interface is a touch screen. The machine is controlled locally, without interlocking with down-line machines.

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