Phenylephrine HCl oral films

Phenylephrine HCl oral films

Phenylephrine HCl oral films

Phenylephrine is a selective α1-adrenergic receptor agonist used primarily as a decongestant, as an agent to dilate the pupil, and to increase blood pressure.

Phenylephrine has recently been marketed as a substitute for pseudoephedrine (e.g., Sudafed (Original Formulation)), but there are claims that oral phenylephrine may be no more effective as a decongestant than a placebo.

Available Form:

Phenylephrinc HCL IR Films

We also offer Sustained (SR) / Immediate (IR) / Timed (TR) / Controlled (CR) / Delayed Release (DR) and Enteric Coated (EC).




Phenylephrinc HCL 2.5 mg

Phenylephrinc HCL 10 mg

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Phenylephrinc HCL
Systematic (IUPAC) Name
Phenylephrinc HCL
Phenylephrinc HCL
Chemical data
CAS number : 9-42-7
ATC code : C01CA06 R01AA04, R01AB01, R01BA03, S01FB01, S01GA05
PubChem : CID 6041
DrugBank : APRD00365
ChemSpider : 5818
KEGG : D08365
Formula : C9H13NO2
Mol. mass : 167.205 g/mol

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